Buteyko Breathing Classes

Buteyko Breathing Classes are available both as an individual class or as a small group class of 5-10 persons.

Breathing Evaluation

The 60 minute Breathing Evaluation provides a detailed look at each persons breathing patterns. It will include gathering a detailed respiratory history, examination of all symptoms related to breathing, measurement of Breathing Rate and Volume and a complete evaluation, analysis and report on each individual’s breathing patterns. Appointment for Breathing Evaluation is made prior to the Training program. It can become part of a first session of Breathing Retraining. Cost for breathing evaluation is $85.

Standard Class

Standard Class includes five, 90-minute classes. Each class will include respiratory anatomy review, explanation and review of scientific theory of breathing and teaching and practice and coaching of Buteyko Breathing Techniques. The class includes a booklet for instruction and record keeping and a practice CD. Access and review by phone or email with the instructor is available during the entire class. Class cost is $450.

Extended Class

Extended Class includes eight, 90-minute classes. It will include each of the elements of the Standard Class and provides more coaching and time for instilling the techniques. Health conditions such as Sleep Apnea and or other health conditions of a longer standing or more serious nature may require more time for the learner to know the techniques and settle them into the body. The extended class provides the time for this. The Extended Class cost is $850.

Pregnancy Class

Pregnancy Class is suggested to start during the early months of the pregnancy emphasizing improved Breathing for the Mother’s health. The Buteyko Breathing Method is beneficial to both the Mother and also to the health of the Baby. The class will include a total of 8-10 technique teaching and practice and coaching sessions of Buteyko Breathing.The Pregnancy class will begin as a Standard Class and include 5 sessions of technique coaching and practice. After the Standard Class instruction, practice and coaching will begin again during the final 2 months of the pregnancy. There will be planning for breathing coaching for the labor and delivery aspect. Buteyko Breathing done during labor is calming and useful to smooth delivery. Cost of class is $850.

Athletic Program

Athletic Program is planned to assist recreational, amateur and elite athletes. It will be planned with the individual athlete to include the Standard Class material and between 5-10 coaching of technique specific to the sport and activity of the athlete. The program will begin with a Breathing Evaluation session focusing on observation of breathing while performing the sport activity. All teaching, practice and coaching will emphasize breathing improvement. Cost for class is $650.