Supportive Services


The Aston Patterning Bodywork, Movement and Exercise programs are designed to assist a broad range of individual:

* Athletes, Dancers and Exercise enthusiasts to improve their performance and enjoyment and prevent injury.

* Elderly persons, wanting to increase stability, mobility and vitality.

* Disabled persons wanting to decrease pain and restriction from their limited movement patterns.

* Healthy individuals wanting for themselves more wellness, awareness, good movement design and physical comfort.

* Bodywork, includes massage-like hands-on work, individually planned for each client’s needs.

Movement cues are given to teach a new way to use the body while moving. Movement awareness can decrease body tension and provide know-how for using and increasing support of all the body parts while moving. The movement cues specifically help walking, sports movements, dancing, acting and even for playing a musical instrument or singing.

Exercise and Fitness Sessions are designed to teach loosening, toning and stretching and cardiovascular preparation for any kind of work out needs. The Aston fitness program is taught in a way that can thoroughly prepare the learner with the ability to analyze and design their own exercise or sports activity.


Qigong practice improves bodily function by increasing energy flow through the body. The practice consists of simple standing and sitting positions and movements combined with breathing. These simple movements were created and have developed and been passed on mostly by the Chinese during the last 5,000 years. They follow and reflect the natural energy of the earth and the cosmos. Qigong movement practice helps create and circulate Chi energy in the body. This stimulates and helps body balance and function. Qigong practice provides us with a greater since of health, well being and inner peace.

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy

The PEMF therapy is done using the Bemer equipment. The Bemer has a unique physical signal differing it from all other PEMF equipment. Bemer therapy is designed and provides amazing increase in Blood Circulation. With only a 16 minute treatment daily, there will be a proper supply of nutrients and oxygen to all the cells of the body. Improved circulation also rids the body of waste from cells. Appointments for Bemer therapy appointments can be combined with other modality treatments. It is especially useful during rehab periods after injury and surgery. Bemer equipment purchase is available through Jans Breathing Zone.